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Doing business worldwide can lead to challenges in transport and logistics. Some companies wonder where to start getting their transport and logistics as efficient as possible. Could you save costs and efforts by combining activities? Together with you, MOL Logistics Nairobi Branch finds out how to reduce lead times or transport costs. Real-time insights in goods and flows inform you the best way possible. Make sure you use transport and logistics to optimize your business!

Save precious time and money by outsourcing your transport, storage and logistic.


Save your precious time and money by outsourcing your transport, storage and logistics


Additional services for your convenience: support in packaging, security screenings and quality checks


Providing insights to your stock and shipments with useful online tools

Supply Chain Solutions

Every company has its own wishes and demands, certainly when it involves transport or logistics. Offcourse MOL Logistics Nairobi Branch will support you to meet these specific demands as much as possible. To continuously improve efficiency within the supply chain, our local specialists are trained to meet your individual wishes and demands. You can count on us!

Additional Value

Added activities

Do you also require other activities besides transport and storage of your products? For example: screening and testing of products, labelling, barcoding, product recalls, repairs  or serial number checks. MOL Logistics Nairobi Branch can take care of all these activities. We gladly assist you with handling incoming and outgoing goods flows, product assembly, inventory management, product  modification and repacking.

Your personal

support team

For integration of transport, storage of products and additional logistic services you can contact your local MOL Logistics office in Kenya. You will familiarize quickly with your logistics expert, who will think along in case of challenges or problems. Contact us in case you have questions or need support. You can completely focus on your business and customers!

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